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Why cleaning your vehicle is necessary

When you consider how much a vehicle costs, both to purchase and then to keep running, cleaning your car actually reduces the overall cost of owning a vehicle.  There are some reasons to keep your vehicle clean that you may not know about. The first is the most obvious, vehicles that are kept cleaner last longer and perform better.


Why it's necessary to wax your vehicle

No way around it! Waxing your car is work. But it's satisfying work that will help keep your car looking new. Car wax preserves paint by slowing oxidation and forming a barrier against bird droppings, sap, and pollution. Plus driving a nice shiny car is just plain fun.


Why engine cleaning extends its life

There are several reasons to wash your engine at least every 6 months to a year.  A clean engine will run cooler than a dirty one.  You'll be more apt to tackle routine belt and hose checks and the like if you know you won't get covered with grime every time you do so. A clean engine will also make it much easier to spot leaks and to service components.


Why it's necessary to shampoo your interior

A good car shampoo will preserve your car only if you use it on a regular basis. Some auto experts recommend shampooing the interior of your vehicle every three months to get rid of germs, grime, and stains.  Washing your car twice a week in order to keep your paint job in tip top condition, regardless of how often you wash your car, make sure that your interior is clean.

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